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LUNA ABC (Long-Term Repairment Plan Management System ) formulates long-term repairment plans for the preparation and execution of replacement and repair of key facilities after the completion of residential buildings, enabling the maintenance of a comfortable environment for the residents of the apartments concerned.
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V CheckBox 5.0
Integrated Vulnerability Management System (V check Box v5.0) collects vulnerability data from both automated scans and manual diagnosis from various outputs (Financial Services Commission Information Sharing and Analysis Centre, National Intelligence Service Korea, Information Security Agencies, Self Diagnosis Tools of Clients, etc.), and alerts the respective information assets staff via email, facilitating comprehensive monitoring of vulnerability scans performed.
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Design expertise is necessary to effectively visualize data displayed in order to facilitate efficient analysis and faster understanding of the concerned data. At LUNA UX, we design charts with greater communicability than text reports.
[ Type A ]
Build dashboard with strategic interface for key decision makers to easily navigate and seamlessly drilldown to critical information.
ex) ERP, Groupware, Shopping mall
[ Type B ]
Build dashboard that quickly recognizes and delivers changes in underlying data set and alert status to users in real-time.
ex) Datacenter, Security Solutions
[ Type C ]
Build customized dashboard that analyzes metadata and presents infographic to facilitate easy and quick decision making.
ex) Datacenter, Security Solutions
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LUNA UX provides UX designs created based on research regarding user experiences.
We create integration service programs based on digital media and consultation concerning service strategies.
Equipped with experience and knowledge gained from past UX case analyses, we have efficiently and effectively completed various projects and continue to do so.
Our goal is to provide successful service strategies and solutions based on professional knowledge and expertise.